Chen Shizhong’s “ten million housing loan” is likely to lose miserably at the end of the year?The latest polls fall below everyone’s glasses – Politics – China Times News

With less than two months to go before the 9-in-1 general election, the China National Election Committee announced on the 14th the property declaration materials of candidates for the 9-in-1 election. The three candidates for mayor of Taipei, Jiang Wanan, Huang Shanshan, and Chen Shizhong, all carried tens of millions of mortgages; Yilan County Mayor Lin Zimiao, The deposits are all 0 yuan, which has caused heated discussions. Therefore, a recent poll pointed out that 41.7% of the people believed that “will not affect the intention to vote” as to the amount of property declared by the candidates, which sparked discussion.

The portal website “Yahoo Qimo” will start an online poll on the 17th. Regarding the property declaration materials of the candidates for public office in the 2022 nine-in-one election announced by the Central Election Commission, Taiwanese people’s views on this matter have been reported as of 17:00 on the evening of the 17th. About 15,000 people voted. As for “Does the amount of property declared by a candidate affect your voting intention?”, 16.3% of the people thought it was “very influential”, 21.6% thought it was “fairly influential”, and 28.5% thought it was “very influential”. Not very influential”, 13.2% of the people thought it had “no effect at all”, and 20.4% of the people thought it was “don’t know/no opinion”.

The poll also surveyed “Do you care about the flow of political donations from candidates?”, 18.3% of the people “very concerned”, 28.1% of the people “fairly concerned”, 18.3% of the people “not very concerned”, 13.2% of the public “doesn’t care at all” and 22.1% feel “don’t know/no opinion”.

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Article Source:Yahoo poll

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