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[Epoch Times News on August 30, 2021]Chinese actress Zhao WeiAcross the showbiz and capital circles, she was removed from the entire network overnight on the 26th.Equity is frozenLater, China Economic Weekly, a subsidiary of People’s Daily, immediately published an article on the 27th, stating that Zhao Wei’s capital has been deployed for more than 20 years.

In other words, “Female Buffett” Zhao Wei caught up in 2013Jack Ma Ant FinancialThis “bullet train” and the acquisition of the equity of Wanjia Culture and other capital operations in 2016 with the funds provided by Xiao Jianhua’s Tomorrow Department, “Snake Tunxiang”, are all things to come.

So when will Zhao Wei start the path of capital deployment? The earliest was the establishment of two companies in Shanghai in 1999, both of which were held by Shanghai Zhongsheng Hongqiao Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhongsheng Real Estate. The article in “China Economic Weekly” stops here. Although there is only one thread, it has been able to create a large network of relationships.

There were a lot of reports in the early years that Ye Maoqing, Zhao Wei’s boyfriend before Wang Yu (the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party Strait Association and the youngest son of the former mayor of Shanghai Wang Daohan), was both an investor in Zhao Wei’s famous book “Returning the Pearl in 1996” and alsoZhongsheng GroupThe son of the founder Ye Lipei, the Zhongsheng family and the head of Shanghai Tianchen shares.

In the article “Taking an Inventory of Old Rich People Who Are Still Strong for More Than Ten Years” reprinted on People’s Daily Online on October 19, 2012, the main points of the introduction of Ye Lipei’s family are as follows: Ye Lipei has the title of “Shanghai Real Estate King”. He immigrated to Australia in 1979. During his ten years in Australia, Ye Lipei accumulated his first pot of gold through cross-border trade. Ye Lipei’sZhongsheng GroupBegan to invest in real estate in the mainland. Since then, Ye Lipei’s name has been written on Shanghai office buildings, villas, high-end apartments and commercial real estate buildings, covering almost all real estate forms. Ye Lipei’s huge investments include Ningbo Shenzhou Textile and Beijing Financial Street.

Here are three more information. Ye Lipei was born in Shanghai, and his ancestral home is in Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang. Zhongsheng Group is not solely owned by Ye Lipei. Another founding shareholder of Zhongsheng is Shenzhen Bonded Warehouse Branch of Shenzhen Foreign Trade Group (formerly known as Shenzhen Foreign Trade Bureau). Zhongsheng Group listed Tianchen shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1992, and its predecessor was also a Shanghai state-owned enterprise.

In addition, according to the introduction in 2008 by Shanghai lawyer Zheng Enchong, who has been observing the Shanghai political and business circles for a long time and is familiar with relevant core insiders: Ye Lipei’s method of making a fortune is very simple, mainly by invitation.Shanghai GangOfficials go to Australian casinos to gamble, and then obtain Shanghai real estate projects and loans. It can be found from the case database of the Australian Federal Court that Ye Lipei participated in gambling more than a dozen times at the Crown Casino in Australia between 1999 and 2002. The internal information of the Crown Casino proves that Ye Lipei is not alone when he goes to the casino to gamble. It is often a group of people, and the tickets are paid by the casino. Who are these mysterious figures? According to sources, they are the powerful backbones and bank presidents of the Shanghai Gang at all levels.

Lawyer Zheng Enchong also stated:Shanghai GangThe cadres of Ye Lipei looted state-owned assets, and then went to Australia to wash the huge sums of funds through gambling and deposit them in Australian accounts. Ye Lipei used immigration lawyers to immigrate the children of Shanghai cadres to Australia as a way of escape in the future. Among them are the wife and children of Huang Ju’s secretary Wang Weigong, the daughter of Han Zheng, then the mayor of Shanghai, and Zeng Qinghong’s son Zeng Wei who immigrated to Australia in 2007. They are also related to Ye Lipei.

It can be seen that Shanghai helped Ye Lipei make a fortune, and Ye Lipei helped Shanghai to launder money and immigrate to Australia. In recent years, the media will still report from time to time that although Zhao Wei and Ye Maoqing have been married and have children, Zhao Wei and Ye Maoqing still maintain a very good relationship, and the two families often get together for gatherings.

When Zhao Wei was banned, the media under the People’s Daily first named Zhongsheng Group in a high-profile manner, which should have a frightening effect on the Shanghai Gang behind it. The purpose is estimated to include the following two aspects.

Combat money laundering in the entertainment industry. As we all know, the entertainment circle under the CCP’s rule is not only a propaganda front for the party, but also a money-sucking machine for all kinds of capital, and it is also a money laundering place for the rich and powerful in addition to casinos. Including CCTV’s celebrity Cui Yongyuan, he has reported that many bad films have been made and there is no box office and no revenue. Investors are always happy because of the fictitious expenditures of the film and television industry, especially the high remuneration for money laundering. Otherwise, where would the money be paid? The sky-high rewards for so many actors?

The other is to clean up the shareholders of Ant Group. The success of Ant Different’s rapid listing is inseparable from the strong cooperation of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. If someone in the industry describes it like this: Ant shareholders include most of China’s institutional capital and entrepreneurs, and most of them choose to let their relatives stand in front of the stage and stay behind the scenes.

According to relevant information, the 32 largest domestic shareholders registered by Ant can be classified into three echelons. The Ali department and management headed by Jack Ma are the first echelon. The shareholders of the second echelon are the so-called “national teams,” which go up to the first-level agencies of the central government and down to the state-owned assets departments of Shanghai. The shareholders of the third echelon can be described as a dazzling array, in fact they are all capital predators. At the highest level, the Boyu Department of funds founded by Jiang Zemin’s grandson Jiang Zhicheng. What is unbelievable is that the disintegrated Tomorrow system and the 70 billion thundering pioneer system (originating in Dalian, Liaoning) and other capitals are actually hidden in it. For the rest, you can see all kinds of Shanghai-based capitals. How many white gloves are there?

According to the current news, many shareholders have voluntarily withdrawn from the Ant Group, including Zhao Wei, who holds shares through his mother. Regarding the precedents, as reflected by the Zhao Wei incident, she herself is not the real focus, but the capital pushing behind her is the core. At the same time, on the eve of the change of office, Xi Jinping stepped up the rectification of various systems and fields, and frequently went back and forth for 20 years. That was the period when Jiang Zemin was in power and advocated “sounding fortune.” It is self-evident to whom Xi’s spearhead is directed.

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