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Chen Xuyuan continued to use contacts to help the team before the national football team went out

Original title: Chen Xuyuan arranged for an internal rivalry before the national football team went out to help the team with contacts

According to the plan, the first round of the Qatar World Preliminary Asian Top 12 matches will be held in Doha, Qatar on the afternoon of September 2 and 7. At present, the Chinese Football Association has selected a number of elite soldiers from multiple functional departments to participate in the preparation of the National Football Team’s top 12 competitions. The team’s westward charter flights are also being implemented. It is reported that the Chinese team delegation headed by the Chairman of the Chinese Football Association Chen Xuyuan is likely to take a Qatar Airways flight at 1 am on August 26th Beijing time from Shanghai to Doha. And this visit, the Chinese team is likely to participate in the first 4 rounds of the top 12 games in West Asia, the trials and difficulties brought about by this are unprecedented for the team.

The Chinese team kicked off a new training session on the 18th of this month, which is the prelude to the last training session before the start of the top 12.

The Chinese team’s training in Shanghai is likely to continue until August 24, and then the internationals may have a day off to prepare for the long west expedition. Then the team plans to leave Shanghai in the early hours of the 26th Beijing time and fly to Doha, Qatar, to participate in the first two rounds of the top 12. It is estimated that after about 9 hours of flight, the whole team will arrive in Doha in the early morning of the 26th local time.

It is worth mentioning that before going to Doha in the early hours of the 26th, the national team will arrange an 11-man vs.11-man internal match, which is initially scheduled for the afternoon of the 25th. From the 21st, in principle, the national team will no longer arrange vacation time.

The training notice announced by the Chinese Football Association shows that striker Wu Lei, who plays for the Spanish club in La Liga, will arrive at the team’s top 12 match on the 26th. The Chinese Football Association has provided him and the team’s British physical coach Adrian Lan. Mu has booked a itinerary from Spain and the United Kingdom to Doha, Qatar. In this way, they will be able to rendezvous with the team for the first time, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the team’s overseas training.

Judging from the current information transmitted by the Qatar Football Association, the top 12 match between the Chinese team and the Japanese team will be held in Doha on the afternoon of September 7th, local time. The first round of the Chinese away game against Australia will also be held in the same venue on the afternoon of September 2nd, local time. The game will also most likely be arranged in the air-conditioned Khalifa International Stadium in Doha. Since the time difference between China and Qatar is 5 hours, this kind of match schedule is also very suitable for Chinese fans watching the live broadcast of the match in front of the TV.

After the Chinese team arrives in Doha, they will strictly implement the “bubble” closed-loop epidemic prevention measures in accordance with local requirements. Different from the second half of the top 40 games, the top 12 games adopt the home and away system, and the organizers and organizers of the games are FIFA and AFC respectively. Therefore, the Chinese team must provide candidate hotels in the AFC and the Qatar Football Association. In, choose a hotel as the team’s resident hotel. Although the teams are stationed in relatively independent areas, the AFC and the Qatar Football Association have not promised that the teams will be stationed in independent hotels. In other words, the Chinese team does not rule out the possibility of being stationed in the same hotel as the Australian team or the Japanese team.

However, due to the rich experience in epidemic prevention and reception in the women’s football preliminary play-offs and men’s top 40 matches, the Chinese Football Association’s working group has designed a meticulous response to all the guarantees of the national football team during Qatar. Plan. The association also deliberately recruited a number of smart people from multiple functional departments to support the national football security work. Chen Xuyuan, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association who led the entire west expedition, will continue to use the “Circle of Friends” to contact local Chinese-funded enterprises to provide the National Football Team with various services including food and beverage.

It should be pointed out that although the Chinese Football Association is still striving to arrange the home games behind the national football team to be held in our country, it has also made sufficient predictions and made a good team for all kinds of accidents or force majeure factors that may occur. Preparations for the first 4 rounds of the top 12 matches in West Asia.

It is understood that this time the national football team was forced to go west again. Although it did not set specific goals and requirements, it also set a “safe return and full-scale win” policy.

In addition, South Korean referees will enforce the Australia-China war, and Bahrain referees will referee the Sino-Japanese war.

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