Chênois is Swiss champion, quite simply

Amriswil’s 3-0 winners at Sous-Moulin, Ratko Pavlicevic’s men won an unexpected title, but so deserved.

Chênois won his seventh title.

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Chênois won his seventh title.

Second in the regular season, the Chênois achieved the unthinkable by debunking the Thurgovian ogre, with a budget twice as high as theirs. The seventh champion’s trophy (after 1984, 1996, 1997, 2002, 2006, 2012) is now prominently in the club’s showcase. The change of coach on the Amriswil side will have no effect.

Led by a gala Robin Rey on the pass, Ratko Pavlicevic’s proteges dominated their opponents in all areas of the game. Starting with the service, carried very high by Jakub Urbanowicz and Strahinja Brzakovic. The Chênois will hardly have known some scares at the end of the first round, when it came to saving three set points. Djokic was responsible for turning the situation around with a masterful counter at 27-26.

The magic has worked

Faced with an upset opponent and in full doubt, the Chênois had no difficulty in pressing a little more on the nail of victory. It was Caporiondo, who had just entered the game for the service, that the honor of completing the second set returned. The Thurgovians tried to gain some ground, but nothing worked. Chênois held his bone firmly between his teeth. It only remained to celebrate a success that few observers would have predicted at the start of the season. The magic of volleyball has worked.

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