Cheyenne Ochsenknecht shows her boyfriend for the first time in Christmas photos

Updated December 26, 2020, 1:05 p.m.

  • So far, Cheyenne Ochsenknecht has not shown her boyfriend’s face in public.
  • Now the mother-to-be gave her fans a very special Christmas present: for the first time, she shared a picture of the couple on Instagram.

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Got an Instagram post Cheyenne Ochsenknecht Christmas greetings sent to your followers. Next to a picture she is in glamorous dress and with Baby bump shows in front of the decorated Christmas tree, the blonde shared for the first time a picture of her friend Nico. So far she had always covered his face.

The couple stands in front of the cupcake with a doggie in their arms Christmas tree and looks each other in love. The 20-year-old enters on the photos dark red satin mini dress with long sleeves, her baby bump is already bulging significantly below it. Cheyenne is an ochsenknecht with her partner for around a year and a half together, the two live in Graz, Austria.

In mid-November she had hers pregnancy made public. “I’m already six months old, it’s an absolute one Desired child“, she said at the time of “Bild am Sonntag”. Your famous parents Natascha Ochsenknecht and Uwe Ochsenknecht “They were very happy and had tears in their eyes” when they found out, said the mother-to-be.

Fans are happy for the parents-to-be

“My treasures,” comments mother Natascha the couple’s Christmas photos. Yeliz Kocwho have favourited Cheyenne Ochsenknecht’s older brother Jimi Blue is in a relationship, comments on the picture with three heart emojis. And also the Fans of the 20-year-olds are happyto finally see her partner.

One user wrote: “How nice that you are us on such a special day private moments and show us your two favorites. ”

“Finally a face and a miracle ball,” says another user happily. “Your are a beautiful couple.
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Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (20) delights her followers with further insights into her pregnancy! The TV beauty is expecting her first offspring with her boyfriend. Every now and then she also reveals details about her future offspring, but her Instagram followers waited in vain for a baby bump photo – until now!


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