Chi-ying Lin’s 47th birthday “cut cakes on the field”, a whole row of supercars + car models to help the male god shocked a major decision | Entertainment | CTWANT

After the “old man” Lin Zhiying married Chen Ruoyi in 2010, she gave birth to her eldest son Kimi, twins Jenson and Kyson, and a family of five happily. Lin Zhiying’s 47th birthday on the 15th, his wife and car friends carefully arranged surprises, not only arranged the garage as a venue, but also invited a DJ and host to stir up the atmosphere, and even dispatched 18 supercars in one go to make him a success. Lin Zhiying’s dream of cutting a cake at the stadium was quite grand and moved.

Lin Zhiying shared his birthday photos on Facebook a few days ago and wrote “Thank you for your blessings. Yesterday was originally a normal practice track day. I didn’t expect riders, friends and family members to come and surprise me to celebrate my birthday in advance, and also specially brought the car to me. The room is equipped with lighting and sound. Please DJ and host to stir up the atmosphere. It also makes me realize my dream to cut cakes on the track. Thank you kelly for making a touching video. Brother plays the piano and sings with two treasures. I’m really happy to combine my birthday photos in the past, and I wish everyone good health and happiness.”

Lin Zhiying celebrated her 47th birthday.

According to the photos, Lin Zhiying’s relatives and friends arranged lighting and audio equipment in the garage, and invited DJs to stir up the atmosphere, making the garage instantly turn into a party scene. Then he was surrounded by a row of hot car models and 18 supercars. Standing in the center of the track and cutting customized cakes, the pomp is quite grand.

After the post was exposed, a large number of fans offered blessings, “Just be happy, you have to be happy and happy forever” and “May you stay young forever”, and leave a message full of birthday wishes. However, some netizens noticed that in Lin Zhiying’s PO’s family portrait, not only Kimi’s face was blocked, but the twins who had been generously disclosed in the past were also covered up. They couldn’t help wondering if they would no longer expose their son. He then confessed “Yes” and confirmed three of them. The son will never show his face again.


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