Chiang Mai meets another cluster After being infected with covids for one day, 15 people ordered the closure of ‘Jai Jai Moo’ shop for 14 days.

Chiang Mai meets another cluster After being infected with covids for one day, 15 people ordered the closure of ‘Jai Jai Moo’ shop for 14 days.

On August 28, Dr. Songyot Khamchai, Head of the Communicable Disease Control Group Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office Revealing the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Chiang Mai province daily that Chiang Mai province today reported 49 new cases, most of them infected in the province. As a result, the total number of infected people is 6,829. As for the screening of high-risk groups and contacts yesterday (27 August 64), a total of 2,474 people were tested, 51 positive people were found, or 2.06%. main leaven Today’s found Most are infections from workplace exposure. family touch community exposure and exposure from epidemic sources in the provinces tends to decrease

Proactive screening in high-risk areas foreign workers longan harvesting worker Implemented in 16 districts today, no further reports. The inspection of people who travel to the province at Chiang Mai Airport No flights arrived, 44 train stations, 5 arcade bus terminals, 26 private cars at the Don Chan checkpoint, 17 Doi Tao checkpoints, all negative. As for truck checkpoints in Saraphi district, 70 people found one positive, while CDCU Chaiprakarn’s proactive inspection team inspected Ban Ton Chok, Chai Prakan district, all found negative results. 43 screenings at Moo Jaidee San Kamphaeng Restaurant found 14 positives, 106 at Pong Yaeng found 2 positives, and 35 Mae Rim Botanical Gardens were all negative.

For details of the 49 new cases, four come from the provinces, one from Bangkok, two from Pathum Thani and one in Maha Sarakham, and 45 of the provincial cases came from contact. In many families, for example, at Moo 7, Tambon Ton Pao 1, Moo 9, Buak Khang Subdistrict 2, Moo 2, Khua Mung Subdistrict 4 cases, Moo 10, Mae Pang Subdistrict, Phrao District 3 cases, Moo 5, Hang Dong Subdistrict 2 cases, Moo 4, Mae Two have been in contact with five previous confirmed cases, and five are under investigation, with the rest being cluster and outbreak infections. In Chiang Mai province, consisting of cluster, Hang Dong sub-district, Hot district, 2 new cases were found today, totaling 120 cases, with CM 6888 and 6889 being a high-risk group. found during quarantine Cause no more contacts, Longan Warehouse Cluster, Ban Pao, Mae Taeng District, today found 1 more infected person, a total of 35 people, with CM 6886, an anchor. came to set up a checkpoint to close the village, therefore came to proactively inspect, informing him that he was going to collect longans which is currently under investigation And screening for high-risk, low-risk groups, Cluster Party D Hut Resort found 2 more cases, the total cumulative total is 14, of which 2, CM 6867 and 6868, are high-risk exposures of 6721 and 6729, detected during quarantine. No more contacts, family cluster, Moo 6, Pongyang sub-district, Mae Rim district, found 1 new case, the total of 11 cases, of which CM 6896 is the same high-risk contact. work on road construction together found during quarantine Therefore, there are no additional contacts.

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and a new cluster, Moo Jaidee Shop, San Kamphaeng District Today, 15 more infected people were found, the cumulative total was 19, with the first infected person CM 6719 giving an unclear history. Later, CM 6802 gave a history of being infected from the community. Until found another Lamphun infected person who works at this shop, therefore proactively screening in the company. Which in front is a shop selling pork Jaidee Six people were found infected behind the Chitrungrueng pig slaughterhouse, another eight were found, and one other person in contact with the household was believed to have contracted the pigs. with cars sent from Nakhon Pathom every day The company has set up a detention facility for high-risk groups in the company. and closed both parts of the operation, which the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee There was a resolution to close the good pork shop. and a pork slaughter plant, Jitrungruang Group Company Limited, located at 24/2 Moo 10, San Kamphaeng Sub-district, San Kamphaeng District. Chiang Mai Province for 14 days

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