Chicó vs Bucaramanga report of the Liga Betplay 2020 match | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

On matchday 17 of Colombian football, Boyacá Chicó received in La Independencia de Tunja a Bucaramanga urged for victories to continue in the fight to qualify for the eight.

Bucaramanga quickly imposed conditions on the La Libertad stadium in Tunja. Despite being a visitor, he had to win to get fully into the fight to qualify at eight.

On the other hand, Chicó tried to generate danger from centers to the area from the sides, but inaccuracy reigned in a team that is the leader of the 2020 Betplay League with just 16 units.

An example of the above occurred at 21 minutes of play. Balanta won on the left at pure speed, crossed to the area and Echeverry, with all the arc at his disposal, could not define. Fortunately for him, they instantly sanctioned out of place and everything was invalidated.

At 24 ‘, Maicol Balanta took advantage of a gross error in defense, eluded the rival goalkeeper and when he was about to finish, Frank Lozano appeared to save the local.

The game would be complicated for the visiting team at 29 minutes. Balanta ended up stepping on Delvin Alfonzo after a ball dispute. The central judge considered that action as dangerous play and sent off the striker. Highly disputed decision.

Bucaramanga was not daunted and tried from the middle distance. Just Diego Herazo tried to surprise with a shot from midfield, but the ball went just above.

Now, the festival of expulsions continued later. At 37 minutes, Geimer Balanta threw a very strong plate against Cristian Subero. He already had yellow and the referee Herrera did not hesitate to get the second. Chicó was also left with ten men.

For the second part, Chicó was the first to attack. At 59 ‘, Mateo Palacios was in charge of a free kick close to the area, his shot deflected into the barrier and ended up misplacing goalkeeper Jefersson Martínez.

Three minutes later, the Boyacans repeated the dose. Direct frontal free kick to the rival gantry, this time Nelino Tapia was the collector and although his shot was deflected in the barrier, the ball ended up crashing into Martinez’s left vertical.

Bucaramanga declined in his game, the annotation affected him and he could not rebuild his way quickly. Coach Sanguinetti moved the bank with the income from Castrillón and Alcocer, but there was no clarity.

Precisely the next clear option for the visiting team came in the 81st minute with a distant shot from Jhon Pérez that almost sneaks into Rogerio Caicedo’s goal. And ten minutes later, at 90 + 1, Roger Torres sent a cross into the area headed by Steve Makuka and the ball ended up crashing into the post. Bad luck for the visit.

In the end, it would be a 1-0 victory for Chicó that serves to get out of the bottom of the table and add vital points in the descent. For his part, Bucarmanga was left with 20 units and almost resigned his options to qualify at eight


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