Chika Ike who disturbs Regina Daniels sleep, breaks the silence

Chika Ike et Ned Nwoko

Popular Nollywood actress Chika Ike has responded to viral reports on social media that she was secretly dating billionaire businessman and politician Ned Nwoko, husband of actress Regina Daniels. But, Chika Ike, reassured her fans, on her Instagram account, that she has no relationship with the Nigerian tycoon.

The rumor started by a blogger named Ada claimed that Regina Daniels’ mother, actress Rita Daniels, had warned Chika Ike to stay away from her daughter’s husband and was willing to use spiritual means to stop her. , if necessary. Some social media users, who reacted to the allegation, indicated that Chika Ike was dating Ned Nwoko, before he married Regina Daniels.

Chike Ike has managed to get the rescue of many people on social media. A woman revealed in a viral video, on social media. Alluding to the stern warning issued by actress Rita Daniels, mother of Regina Daniels, against Chika Ike for trying to woo her daughter’s husband Ned Nwoko.

The lady stated, bluntly, that Rita Daniels was not allowed to call Chika Ike, because before Regina Daniels appeared in Ned Nwoko’s life, the Nigerian billionaire was already dating Chika Ike. She further wondered why Rita would go to this point by threatening Chika, when in reality it was rather her daughter who had ripped Ned Nwoko from her.

To clarify things, Chike Ike, who had had a question and answer session with his fans on Instagram, denied dating Ned Nwoko. A fan had asked her to respond to the rumor, that she was dating the billionaire and that she was set to be his seventh wife.

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