Children are still toddlers, wife does not work, this is the fate of Ardi who is imprisoned for using the wrong money transfer BCA

The younger brother of the defendant Ardi Pratama, Tio Budi Satrio, was accompanied by a team of lawyers seeking justice for his brother’s legal process, Monday (22/2/2021). Surya / Firman Rachmanudin (Source: Surya / Firman Rachmanudin)

SURABAYA, KOMPAS.TV- A resident of Surabaya, East Java, Ardi Pratama, is very unlucky. The reason is, Ardi is currently confined in a prison cell because he used the wrong money transfer from BCA.

As a result, Ardi’s wife and three children, who are mostly under five now have struggled to survive. They even rely on the help of their neighbors to be able to eat.

This incident itself stems from a wrong transfer of BCA to an account belonging to Ardi Pratama. By Ardi, the money was used for his purposes because it was mistaken for a commission on car sales.

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Launching, Sunday (28/2/2021), here are the facts of the incident:

1. Ardi’s wife and 3 children under five are adrift

Ardi Pratama is known to have one wife named Devi and three toddlers. Tio Budi Satria, Ardi’s younger brother, said Ardi’s eldest son was 5 years old, his second child was 4 years old and the youngest was 2 years old.


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