Children killed: father’s pc seized – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, JUNE 28 – The computer of Mario Bressi, the man who yesterday killed his 12-year-old twin sons in their holiday home in Valsassina and then took his own life, was kidnapped in his home of Gessate, in the Milan area, by the carabinieri at the disposal of the Lecco Public Prosecutor.

The analysis of the PC, which could be entrusted to an expert consultant, is one of the fundamental elements to ascertain whether the father’s gesture was preordained or if it is due to a ‘short circuit’. During the night the man sent three WhatsApp messages to his wife who had stayed at home. The latest, from what emerges from the investigations, would actually be a long letter in which the man makes heavy accusations against his wife, deeming her guilty of having ruined their family. Meanwhile an autopsy has been scheduled for Tuesday on the bodies of the twins, Elena and Diego.


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