“Children’s Custody Battle: Ari Wibowo and Inge Anugrah – The Viral Story”

2023-05-06 05:31:57

Pop.matamata.com – Select Live with Ari WibowoChildren Ask Inge Anugrah Lift Your Feet: A Mother’s Heart Must Be Awful.

Ari Wibowo and Inge Anugrah’s household is on the brink, considering that the divorce process for the two is currently underway.

Along with that, polemic custody the children of Ari Wibowo and Inge Anugrah are becoming a hot topic in some circles netizen.

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Based on monitoring, there is a digital track record regarding choices Kenzo and Marco if his parents are officially divorced.

“If told to live together, for example, if daddy leaves or mommy leaves, then stay together at home. Who do you choose, daddy or mommy?” said an employee Ari Wibowo.

The two sons, Ari Wibowo and Inge Anugrah, seem to have a solid choice. Kenzo and Marco prefer to live with their father instead of their mother.

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“Daddy,” Kenzo said.

Not only that, Kenzo and Marco also asked Inge Anugrah to leave the house.

“Mommy’s out,” Marco continued.

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According to the two, the reason they preferred to live with Ari Wibowo was because Inge Anugrah was considered too restraining.

Too much rules (mostly rules),” concluded the two.

The choice of the children to live with Ari Wibowo while asking Inge Anugrah to leave the house went viral and spread widely on a number of gossip accounts.

“The children choose to stay with Ari,” wrote the Instagram gossip account @lambee.pedes, quoted on Saturday (6/5/2023).

Regarding this, a number of netizens also gave various responses and comments. Some seemed to express sympathy for Inge Anugrah.

“It’s sad to read. Children are given rules by their mother for their good. Gentlemen really don’t like giving rules because they entrust parenting to their mother,” wrote a netizen.

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“As a mother, I’m really sad when my child talks like a mother. Mother wants good things for her child, so the impression is fussy,” other netizens said.

“A mother’s heart must be sore if she digituin her own child,” said another netizen.

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