Chile among the world’s most advanced countries in the vaccination race

After a month and a half of campaigning, the health authorities are moving forward with a forced march and have already managed to vaccinate more than 2 million people, which places Chile well ahead of all Latin American countries, and among the first in the world.

On Monday February 15, Chile announced that it had passed the milestone of 2 million people vaccinated against Covid-19, out of a population of just over 19 million.

The President of the Republic, Sebastián Pinera (center right), included in particular by the daily Third, was immediately congratulated:

We have succeeded in vaccinating more than 2 million of our fellow citizens, which makes us a privileged country and puts us at the forefront, not only in Latin America, but in the whole world. ”

Campaign begins for teachers

Two thirds of the vaccinations concerned the elderly and health workers. On Monday February 15, the vaccination campaign began with teachers, in anticipation of the start of the school year in early March.

In Chile, vaccination is free and not compulsory. According to the Latin American news site Infobae, this success would be due in particular to the fact that “In addition to a strong network of primary health care, municipalities have also played a key role


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