Chile is taken aback! The ‘mysterious sinkhole’ doubles in size and swallows the ‘French Arch’.

A mysterious sinkhole appears near a copper mine in Chile. It is wider than the original size until it can be swallowed. “French Arc de Triomphe,” which prompted the authorities to order the miners to temporarily halt work for safety.

The sinkhole, as though someone had dug it, began to appear on July 30 in Tierra Amarilla. It is just 25 meters wide and has water at its bottom. pit It was later enlarged to 50 meters wide and 200 meters deep, enough to fit the entire Seattle ‘Space Needle’ tower. Or equivalent to bringing 6 statues of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil to stand stacked together.

Chile’s National Geological and Mining Service said late on Saturday it was investigating a sinkhole that occurred nearby. Al Caparrosa Mine (Alcaparrosa) of Lundin Mining, Canadian which is about 665 kilometers north of Santiago.

In addition to the temporary closure of the mine The agency also announced the start It did not provide clear details on what it meant.

Lundin Company has not yet come out to answer media questions on this issue. but confirmed last week that The sinkhole does not affect the miners and surrounding communities. And the company itself is rushing to find its root.

Chile’s National Geological and Mining Service has installed a pump to pump water out of the mine site. And it is expected that within 2-3 days will be able to explore the basement. that the drilling exceeds the law or not

The mayor of Tierra Amarilla, Cristobal Zunica, said local officials were concerned that the Alcaparrosa mine could be flooded underground. until causing the surrounding ground to become unstable which is a matter “Extremely unusual”

source: Reuters

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