Chilean passport is the most powerful in South America and the 15th globally

The Chilean passport has the greatest power in Latin America and ranks 15th worldwide, according to a ranking prepared by the consulting firm Henley & Partners, based on the number of destinations that can be accessed without opting for a visa.

As published The Mercury, the first place in the list corresponds to Japan, where you can access 191 countries without a visa, followed by Singapore (190), Germany and South Korea, both with 189.

At the South American level, Chile can access 174 countries without a visa, while Argentina and Brazil reach 170.

The chancellor Andres Allamand indicated that “this ranking is a great recognition for the image of the country, and a demonstration of global trust towards Chileans, whose respect for compliance with laws and the institutional framework of other countries are highly valued attributes.”

At the bottom of the list, among the countries with the “weakest” passports are Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.


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