China and America in the eyes of European youth

What do you think of the role of the United States and China in the world? A question posed by the Pew Research Center to young people between the ages of 18 and 29, in Britain, France and Germany, regarding the role of China and the United States as major players on the global stage.

In its report, the center said that most European youth view the United States as the world’s policeman, who has a history of meddling that disappoints Western allies, while China is classified as the “factory of the world.”

According to the poll, most young people believe that the United States does not take the interests of the allies into account when making foreign policy decisions, and they criticize, in particular, the American military interventions, such as what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they saw that the American exit was bad.

The survey revealed that the respondents are highly pessimistic about future relations with China, and see few, if any, ways to detangle relations with China without the collapse of their countries’ economies.

The report stated that young people revealed persistent concerns about the way the United States used its power in global affairs, and believed that their countries should seek influence in the world away from Washington.

The global role of America and China occupies the minds of young people in Europe

In this context, Professor of International Relations Dr. Khattar Abu Diab told “Sky News Arabia”:

  • The report indicates a great awareness among young people and indicates their ability to understand the world.
  • What is missing in this poll is the question about the opinion of young people and their expectations of Europe’s place on the political map in the future.
  • I am inclined to believe that the majority of young people are against the war, especially after the Ukrainian war and the losses that afflicted Europe because of it.
  • The state of division witnessed by the world increases the proportions of youth fears.

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