China bans anti-national karaoke music; Effective October 1 | siraj daily

Beijing | Chinese government bans karaoke music with anti-national content The announcement was made by the country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The ban will take effect on October 1. Karaoke music is banned, which threatens China’s national unity, sovereignty and integrity. In addition, songs that incite racial hatred and racism, songs that endanger national security and harm national interests and the dignity of the country, and songs that violate political and religious policies and music that promotes criminal activity such as pornography and violence are on the ban list. Officials said those preparing the content of the songs and performing at public events should contact the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

It is estimated that there are 50,000 theaters in China that perform music and dance. In addition, there are libraries with over one lakh songs in each venue. So finding illegal songs is not an easy task. In 2018, China banned 6,000 karaoke songs for copyright infringement.


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