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China complains to UN about Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites

The Chinese space station had to maneuver twice to avoid colliding with Internet satellites in the SpaceX network. Chinese authorities file a complaint with theHIM-HER-IT and demand that the Outer Space Treaty be respected, including by private companies.

China complains to the United Nations about the risk it is running in space by Elon Musk, “The SpaceX satellites having twice approached the Chinese space station in orbit”, report it South China Morning Post.

On July 1 and October 21, Starlink satellites were “Forced the Chinese space station to undertake maneuvers to avoid the collision”, endangering the lives of crew members, write the Chinese authorities in a note to the Secretary-General of the United Nations dated December 6, details the Hong Kong daily.

The first module of the Tiangong space station (“Heavenly Palace”), launched in April 2021, is in orbit at an altitude of almost 390 kilometers. China reports two incidents “During which she had to maneuver the central Tianhe module [“Harmonie céleste”] to move it away from two Starlink satellites ”, detailed The Verge. The three taikonauts “Had just arrived at the station a few days before the October maneuver”.

This complaint about the potential risks of Elon Musk’s satellite network “Recalls that the rivalry between the United States and China extends to space”, highlighted Quartz. The diplomatic note sent to the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs in Vienna does not go into details, but space agencies only launch avoidance operations when they exist. “One in 10,000 chance that a collision will occur”, recalls the American newspaper.

China calls for respect for the Outer Space Treaty and “Asks the Secretary General of the United Nations to disseminate information relating to the incidents” to remind the “Responsibilities for all national space activities, including those


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