China detects 36 local infections among the 52 new positives of the virus

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Shanghai (China), Jan 29 (EFE) .- The National Health Commission of China reported today that the Asian country diagnosed 52 new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus this Friday, 36 of which were produced by local contagion, most in the northeastern regions.

In particular, 27 of them were detected in Heilongjiang province, 5 in Jilin province, 2 in Shanghai (east), 1 in Beijing and another in Hebei, a province that surrounds the capital.

The remaining 16 positives to total 52 were diagnosed in overseas travelers in Shanghai (9), and in the provinces of Fujian (southeast, 3), Hunan (center, 2), Sichuan (center, 1) and Shaanxi ( north, 1).

Today’s total figure is identical to that of yesterday’s report but lower than that of the previous days: since Monday, the series of new confirmed cases each day was 124, 82, 75 and 54.

However, these data continue to worry the authorities, since in the coming days massive displacements are expected on the occasion of the lunar New Year festivities, the most important for the Asian country, although the Government has recommended not to travel if it is not essential.

To avoid possible infections in that period, China continues to be immersed in a prevacational vaccination campaign that aims to immunize up to 50 million Chinese before the arrival of the Year of the Ox, which begins on February 12.

In addition, health authorities also reported today the detection of 16 new asymptomatic infections (8 of them, from abroad), although Beijing does not include them as confirmed cases unless they manifest symptoms.

The total of this type of infections under observation is 976, of which 297 are “imported”.

Likewise, the National Health Commission detailed that, until last local midnight (16:00 GMT on Friday), 143 patients were discharged after successfully overcoming covid-19, and 21 came out of serious condition.

Thus, the total number of active infected in mainland China stood at 1,711, of which 78 are serious.

The institution pointed out that, since the beginning of the pandemic, 89,430 people have been infected in the country, among which 83,083 have managed to heal and 4,636 have died.

To date, 964,954 close contacts with infected people have been followed up, of which 39,218 remain under observation.

For its part, in the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong – immersed in a fourth wave of infections for months – the authorities announced 50 new cases, bringing the total number of infected to 10,372 since the beginning of the pandemic, of those who 178 perished.

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