China Eastern Airlines becomes the first batch of “Digital Commerce” listed flight resource treasures on Shanghai Data Exchange_ 东方

On November 25, the inauguration ceremony of the Shanghai Data Exchange and the 2021 Shanghai Global Digital Business Conference were held in Shanghai. The Shanghai Data Exchange has established a digital business system, established a data transaction system, built a digital data transaction system, supporting data product registration vouchers and data product manuals to solve the difficulties in determining power, pricing, mutual trust, and entry in data transactions. Key common problems such as difficulty in supervision.China Eastern AirlinesThe “Flight Resource Treasure” became the first batch of data products to be listed at the establishment ceremony of the Stock Exchange.

  China Eastern AirlinesSaid that the “Flight Resource Treasure” product has been opened to more than 30 tens of millions of airports, helping airports and airlines build a complete flight chain, effectively improving flight protection efficiency and passenger service experience.China Eastern AirlinesGive full play to the characteristics of the aviation industry’s long chain, strong driving effect, and large radiation influence, and accelerate the creation of smart aviation with a new model of digital transformation and smart upgrade.

China Eastern Airlines stated that China Eastern Airlines, as the only digital supplier in the civil aviation industry this time, marks that China Eastern Airlines uses data as the main production material for business activities, is the enabler of the value of data elements, and the linker and service provider of data elements in the industry chain. By. China Eastern Airlines developed its first reporting system in 2003 and started data governance in 2017. This year, the effective and integrated data governance model was selected as the benchmark model of state-owned enterprises. This is due to China Eastern Airlines’ emphasis on informatization development and digital transformation.This year, China Eastern Airlines further explored the value evaluation of data assets, actively participated in the construction of the data element market, accelerated the improvement of the company’s data transaction management mechanism, and gave full play to China Eastern Airlines.Massive DataAnd the advantages of rich application scenarios, empower China Eastern Airlines’ industrial ecological transformation and upgrading.

(Article source: ChinaSecuritiesNewspaper·China Securities Network)

Article source: China Securities Journal·China Securities Network

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Original title: China Eastern Airlines became the first batch of “Shushang” listed flight resource treasures on the Shanghai Data Exchange

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