China finds ‘new mineral’ from moon, transparent and colorless

Friday (Sept. 9) China Space Administration and the Atomic Energy Agency of China Jointly announced that Chinese scientists have discovered a new mineral from the moon. Through research on lunar samples collected by China’s Chang’e-5 mission.

Dong Baotong, Deputy Director of the Office The ore is a new type of mineral that China first discovered from the moon. and is the sixth mineral discovered by humans The new discovery makes China the third country in the world to discover a new mineral from the moon.

The mineral called Chang’esite-(Y) (Changesite-(Y)) is a colorless transparent arranged crystal. It was discovered in the analysis of lunar basalt particles by a research team from the Beijing Uranium Research Institute of Geology. which is affiliated with the Chinese nuclear company

The Committee on New Minerals, Naming and Classification of the International Society of Mineralogy. Chang’esite-(Y) has been officially approved as a new mineral.

source Xinhua news agency

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