China finds virus remains in frozen beef packaged from Argentina

Covid has already been detected in other meats and fish that have arrived in the country.

China announced on Wednesday that it has again found traces of the coronavirus in the packaging of imported frozen products, in this case from Argentinareported the local newspaper Global Times.

A inspection of Argentine frozen beef packaging in the southeastern city of Xiamen tested positive for nucleic acid, the newspaper said.

Local authorities indicated that the meat had not yet been on the market and that carriers and other close contacts have been quarantined despite having tested negative for coronavirus.

They also announced that Remains of the virus were found in butterfish from India and Russian salmon.

In recent weeks, the Asian country has detected traces of coronavirus in several packages of refrigerated products -including Brazilian meat and Ecuadorian shrimp-, which has led Beijing to tighten import regulations for frozen products.

In fact, contagion via this transmission route from two stevedores in the eastern port of Qingdao triggered a small outbreak in the city early last month.

Only in November, cfrozen stocks of Indian and Indonesian fish, Brazilian meat and other products from Germany, Russia and the Netherlands They tested positive for coronavirus in inspections carried out by China, although since July this type of case has occurred in different products from different sources.

According to the National Health Commission, mainland China currently has 324 active infected (of which three are serious) and 456 asymptomatic cases under observation.


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