China follows through on threat, suspends imports from Australia to prevent virus investigation

China has suspended meat imports from four Australian companies due to its violation of inspection and quarantine rules, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters during a meeting that the suspension of imports is not related to the bilateral dispute between the two countries, after Australia called for an independent investigation into the causes of the coronavirus pandemic. .

After a threat
China’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, threatened in late April to boycott the consumption of Australian products, including wine, if Canberra insisted on investigating the origin of the coronavirus.

Cheng, who warned of the consequences for the country of insisting on opening an investigation into the virus, said that “Chinese society is frustrated and disappointed by what Australia is doing.”

“If this is going to get worse, people are going to wonder if it’s worth going to a country that is not as friendly to China as it seems,” he said, before warning that “tourists may think twice about it.” .

Thus, during an interview with the local newspaper “The Australian Financial Review”, he pointed out that everything depends on people. “They may wonder why they should drink Australian wine or eat its meat,” he said.

His words came after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison came out in favor of opening an independent international investigation into the origin of the coronavirus in China and the initial response to the giant’s health emergency. Asian. .

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