China holds talks with Taliban; Guaranteed support and assistance | China’s Foreign Minister meets Taliban, offers support

The Chinese Foreign Minister held talks with Taliban representatives in Doha. During the talks, China pledged humanitarian support and assistance to Afghanistan. The Taliban responded by saying that friendship with China was the right decision.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Taliban Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar held talks in Doha.

During the talks, China expressed its readiness to continue its humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. Wang Yi said he would work with the international community to help Afghanistan overcome temporary crises. China had earlier announced $ 40 million in aid, including medicine, vaccines and grain.

China has said it hopes the Taliban will stop terrorist groups. China has also expressed hope that the Taliban will crack down on organizations such as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, which has been accused of carrying out several attacks in Aichen’s Xinjiang province.

China has reminded the Taliban of the need for openness and tolerance in action and stance. China also called for the protection of the rights of women and children.

“Aichana has never interfered in the internal affairs of Afghanistan with vested interests,” Wang Yi said, referring to US interventions.

“China has always respected Afghan sovereignty, independence and borders. We will respect and support the right of the Afghan people to decide their own destiny and to choose the path of development, “said Wang Yi.

The Taliban have vowed not to allow anyone to use Afghan soil against China. The Taliban favors Chinese investment in Afghanistan. The Taliban also wants to extend the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor road project to Afghanistan.

At the same time, Chinese companies are adamant that they should not invest in Afghanistan in a hurry. The companies, which are closely monitoring the situation, are adamant that a secure government is in place in Afghanistan. Major Chinese projects, including copper mining in Afghanistan, have been waiting in the wings for years.


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