China Insurance Group and the Liaoning Provincial Government Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Contribute to the Rural Revitalization of Liaoning

2023-08-29 08:47:26

China Insurance Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Liaoning Provincial Government to contribute to the revitalization of Liaoning’s rural areas

On August 28, the strategic cooperation agreement signing between Liaoning Province and the central financial institution and the bank-enterprise matchmaking meeting were held in Beijing. At the meeting, the Liaoning Provincial Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 17 central financial institutions including China Insurance Group.

The meeting fully implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the General Secretary’s important speeches and instructions on the revitalization and development of Northeast China and Liaoning, and further promoted the deepening cooperation and win-win development between the government, finance and enterprises, and jointly created the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning. The direction revitalizes the new situation. Hao Peng, Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Li Lecheng, Deputy Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Liaoning Province, delivered a speech. Gao Xinghua, secretary of the party committee and chairman (proposed) of China Insurance Group, and Dong Zhong, deputy secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of supervisors, attended the meeting.

According to the agreement, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages in areas such as central-local cooperation, insurance services, capital utilization, and talent exchange, and establish a good cooperative relationship based on the principles of complementary advantages, mutual benefit of resources, and win-win cooperation. The Liaoning Provincial Government will give full play to its regulatory and guiding functions, and provide support for China Insurance to develop its business and build a good business environment under the premise of complying with laws, regulations and national policies. China Insurance will coordinate and coordinate resources to provide various high-quality services such as insurance guarantee and financial support for the economic and social development of Liaoning Province.

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Before the meeting, Hao Peng and Li Lecheng met with responsible comrades of central financial management departments and central financial institutions, and expressed their welcome and thanks for their presence. Gao Xinghua communicated extensively with leaders of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, relevant provincial departments, municipal Party committee and municipal government, and expressed his gratitude to Liaoning for its long-term care and support to China Insurance. He said that China Insurance has always firmly grasped the policy orientation of the country and Liaoning Province, adhered to the original mission of “serving the country, serving agriculture, rural areas, and people’s livelihood, and wholeheartedly providing insurance protection for the people”, and exerted social “stabilizers” and economic ” Booster” function. China Insurance will take this signing as an opportunity to seize the good opportunity of Liaoning’s revitalization and development, effectively play the role of financial flow, give full play to the insurance protection function, go all out to participate in the construction of key projects, and promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of inclusive financial services. Provide financial and insurance services in various aspects such as the modern industrial system, the regional construction of “One Circle, One Belt and Two Districts”, the construction of a beautiful Liaoning, and rural revitalization. Be a good participant, practitioner, and promoter of new breakthroughs in Liaoning’s overall revitalization, and fully support Liaoning in building a good Win the “Liaoshen Battle” in the new era.

Before the meeting, Dong Zhong was interviewed by the central and local media. He said that China Insurance will give full play to its advantages in risk management, provide comprehensive and customized insurance services for Liaoning’s structural adjustment and the construction of a strong province with wisdom, healthy Liaoning, and beautiful Liaoning, strengthen the use of insurance funds, and escort Liaoning’s overall revitalization. Give full play to the traditional advantages of agricultural insurance, strengthen product, service, model innovation and risk reduction services, and contribute to the revitalization of rural areas in Liaoning. Vigorously develop new types of insurance such as technology insurance, first set insurance, patent insurance, and new material insurance, and use the new breakthroughs of China Insurance to help promote Liaoning’s overall revitalization and achieve new breakthroughs.

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