China Joins Arms Trade Treaty

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The UN Security Council in New York, March 5, 2020. – NEW CHINA / SIPA

The decision is important because it concerns no less than the second largest arms manufacturer on the planet. China became a signatory to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on Monday, which now has 107 states.

Do not violate embargoes

This membership “illustrates China’s determination and sincerity to maintain an international arms control regime, to support multilateralism and to forge a community with a common future for humanity,” said the Chinese ambassador to the ‘UN, Zhang Jun. Under the procedure, the ATT will apply to China after 90 days.

The Treaty was adopted in 2013 by the United Nations and entered into force the following year. It provides that each signatory country must assess before any transaction whether the arms sold are likely to be used to circumvent an international embargo, to be diverted for the benefit of criminals or to violate human rights. The armaments covered range from pistols, planes and warships, to missiles.

The United States, the world’s largest arms supplier, signed the treaty under the presidency of Barack Obama, but Congress never ratified it.


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