This Wednesday (Thursday, January 14 at China), the Asian country reported first death from covid-19 in eight months.

The announcement was made by health authorities of the giant that now try to stop new outbreaks of the pandemic that seemed controlled.

This death occurred in the provincia de Hebeisaid the National Health Commission, without providing further details.

The latest death from the new coronavirus in mainland China dates back to May 2020.

In recent days the authorities have subjected several cities in this province to strict confinements to contain the sprouts emerged.

According to the official balance, 4,635 people have died in this country from covid-19, a disease that has already caused almost two million deaths in the world.

A team made up of ten researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to arrive in the country this Thursday to investigate the origin of the pandemic in Wuhan (central China), where the virus was first detected in late 2019.

In their latest report, the Chinese authorities also announced 138 new cases. Its about highest daily balance since last March.