China surprises America with an unprecedented missile… and officials: amazing progress!

China surprised US officials by testing an unprecedented new hypersonic missile at a great distance before making its way to its intended target in August, according to the Financial Times.

Two officials told the newspaper on Saturday that China had made “amazing progress in hypersonic weapons that were far more advanced than US officials realized,” while another source added that he was not sure how China would achieve that.

People familiar with the launch told the newspaper that the missile flew into a low orbit before descending toward its target, and missed it by 24 miles.

John Kirby, the Defense Department’s press secretary, said the United States sees China as “Challenge No. 1”.

“We have made clear our concerns about the military capabilities that China continues to pursue, capabilities that only serve to increase tensions in the region and beyond,” Kirby said.

The two countries are developing hypersonic weapons, which can travel up to five times the speed of sound.

But China’s spokesman Liu Bingyu said the country had no global strategy or plans for military operations.

“We are not at all interested in entering into an arms race with other countries,” Liu added. On the other hand, the United States in recent years has been making excuses such as the “Chinese threat” to justify its expansion of armaments and the development of hypersonic weapons, and this has directly led to the intensification of the arms race in this category and severely undermined global strategic stability.

According to the report, a hypersonic missile will be slower than a ballistic missile, but the weapon has the maneuverability that ballistic missiles lack, which helps it evade and makes it difficult for enemies to track or intercept.


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