China uses anal tests to detect coronavirus

A laboratory in Beijing.

The Government of China has added to the arsenal of resources to contain the outbreak of coronavirus in Beijing and the surrounding provinces the new anal tests. These began to be used last week, according to state television, in Beijing neighborhoods affected by the virus and in centers designated for quarantine.

The information for now is scarce and graphic evidence of the procedure or the medical material used has not transpired. Li Tongzeng, a doctor at Youan Hospital, has ventured that with These tests will increase the detection of those infected because the virus stays longer in the rectum than in the respiratory tract. The official press has revealed that its use will not be as widespread as that of other tests because its technique, for reasons that it has not clarified, “is not convenient”.

The use of rectal tests is being criticized by Chinese netizens. The comments swing between fear and ridicule.

“It’s not too painful, but it’s super humiliating,” he writes. a user of the Weibo social network. “I’ve had two anal scans. In the process, they also took a throat swab. Each time, I was afraid that the nurse would forget to swap the swab between the two of them,” jokes another Weibo user.


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