China warns UK fleet While sailing near disputed waters in the South China Sea – news

China warns Britain’s Carrier Strike Group Led by HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Queen Elizabeth warned not to “act inappropriately” while approaching disputed waters in the South China Sea.

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The Global Times, a state-run media outlet and seen as a mouthpiece for the ruling Communist Party, said the “People’s Liberation Army of China is in full combat readiness.”

China has been keeping a close eye on the Carrier Strike Group’s eastbound voyage. which is currently sailing through the South China Sea to head to Japan It also accused Britain of “still living in its own colonial era”.

united kingdom navy Conducted joint exercises with the Singapore Navy and Britain’s Defense Minister Ben Wallace. disclosed the intention to use “Freedom of Sailing” through the South China Sea

HMS Queen Elizabeth  which is an aircraft carrier of the British Navy

PA Media
HMS Queen Elizabeth It is part of the Carrier Strike Group. that is sailing through the South China Sea

China rejected a 2016 ruling by an international court in which China claimed ownership of most of the South China Sea as China. and has built many artificial reefs and airways. Some are close to the waters of neighboring countries.

Both UK and US warships They challenged China’s sovereignty in the South China Sea by sailing through the area.

So the question now is Will there be a near-term confrontation similar to what happened in the Black Sea in June, when Britain’s HMS Defender? The Type 45 destroyer was tracked by several Russian fighters. As he approached the disputed Crimean peninsula,

“China does not want to have a direct confrontation with its key US allies. in the South China Sea,” said Virle Novens, a senior researcher at the Royal United Services Insitute-Rusi in London, “but China is clearly showing its intent.”

Had the UK exercised the freedom to navigate through the waters, Novens believes we would have seen an incident similar to what happened when the HMS Albion sailed through the South China Sea in 2018, sent by China. A warship approached only 200 meters and warned the HMS to leave the waters. As Chinese planes flew low over British ships.

USS Ronald Reagan sailing through the South China Sea

US ship sailing through the South China Sea

during this week China has held more military exercises in the region. Beach attack rehearsal which caused some analysts to worry that China is preparing to invade Taiwan.

People’s Liberation Army of China It will use the carrier strike group’s entry into the South China Sea. “It’s an opportunity to train and study the UK’s newest warship up close,” the Global Times reported.

The Global Times quoted a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London as saying: “The threat to freedom of navigation could come from those who sent the Carrier Strike Group into the South China Sea halfway around the world. and showing maritime strength to intensify military tensions in the region.”

satellite photo  Chinese construction on Firey Cross Reef revealed

Getty Images
China has built several artificial islands in the South China Sea.

Although the carrier strike group will arrive in this region And causing the Chinese government to express their displeasure. Sidharth Koshall, a researcher at RUSI in the maritime power, pointed out that when it comes to confrontation at sea, “China’s actions are still considered lower. The level that will cause a lot of firefighting.”

The delivery of the HMS Queen Elizabeth and several escorts The move to East Asia is seen as part of the British government’s efforts to play a greater role in global security. As outlined in a recent government policy review,

France, like other European nations, has increasingly turned its attention to the South China Sea. Meanwhile, China’s growing economic and military power seems unstoppable.

recently China has made significant developments in nuclear warhead missiles. by building a new missile hangar in the remote Xinjiang region China has also developed hypersonic missiles called Hypersonic Glide Vehicles, which can accelerate to eight times the speed of sound. This missile has been dubbed the “Aircraft carrier-killing missiles”


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