China’s “Anti-Foreign Sanctions Act” is brewing, and four things to watch in response to the U.S. “toolbox”-BBC News

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After the intensification of Sino-US confrontation, Xinjiang human rights, Hong Kong’s national security law and other issues continue to cause Western countries to impose multiple sanctions on Chinese companies, entities, and individuals, China’s anti-foreign sanctions law is under preparation.

The second deliberation draft of the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law is under consideration at the Chinese People’s Congress meeting in Beijing this week. It is widely expected that the draft will be passed on the end of the meeting on Thursday.

Responding to the purpose of enacting the anti-foreign sanctions law, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhao Lijian said that this is to “maintain national sovereignty, dignity, and core interests, and oppose Western hegemonism and power politics.” He also said that since the beginning of this year, the Chinese government has repeatedly announced the implementation of corresponding countermeasures against entities and individuals in relevant countries, that is, “returning to their own body by their own way.”

What significance will the enactment of this law have for entities and individuals that are subject to foreign sanctions in China? How powerful can the anti-sanction law be to protect one’s own interests?

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