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2023-05-29 01:46:15

</p> <p>Selection of my country’s fourth batch of reserve astronauts to start in 2022 – Xinhua English.<a data-ail="3646802" target="_self" href="https://www.archyde.com/category/news/" >news</a>.cn
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It is planned to select 12 to 14 reserve astronauts. As of March 2023, the selection work of the primary selection stage has been completed, and a total of more than 100 candidates have entered the re-selection stage. Among them, space pilots are active pilots from the army, navy and air force, and aerospace flight engineers and load experts are mainly from industrial departments and colleges and universities. Among them, more than 10 candidates from Hong Kong and Macau entered the re-election. (Reporters Li Guoli, Li Yun, Huang Yichen)

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