China’s “global offensive” against human rights, denounces an NGO

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An information and a conviction without appeal. In presenting his annual report on human rights in the world on Tuesday, January 14 in New York, the executive director of the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW), Kenneth Roth, exposed a scathing indictment on the disastrous situation human rights in China.

Far beyond the internal Chinese situation, Kenneth Roth considered that Beijing was using its economic and diplomatic power to attack international mechanisms for the protection of human rights with unprecedented intensity.

Millions of Uighurs incarcerated in Xinjiang

In the eyes of HRW, the Chinese Communist Party built in China “A high-tech Orwellian police state and a sophisticated Internet censorship system to monitor and suppress public criticism”. He took as an example the “Nightmarish system” of blind repression instituted since 2016 against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province.

In this so-called “autonomous” province, there are almost two million people imprisoned in re-education through labor camps (many NGOs speak of an open-air concentration camp). China, for its part, speaks of a “training center”, but the evidence presented in recent months by various media, supported by official Chinese documents, is overwhelming. Https:// -and-Oceania / Hong Kong-entry-prohibited Director-Human-Rights-Watch-2020-01-13-1201071497

Kenneth Roth had hoped to present this report from Hong Kong but ” for the first time “, he said Tuesday January 14 in New York, he was banned from entering the former British colony, on the pretext that the NGO would encourage the pro-democracy movement which has been demonstrating in the streets since June 2019 .

“The Chinese government is terrified to admit that there is an authentic desire for democracy in a territory it governs, because if it admitted that it is a spontaneous desire rather than an imposed idea from abroad, so what’s going on in Hong Kong could spread “ to all of China.

HRW denounces inaction, even complicity of other countries, vis-à-vis the Chinese threat

Abroad, the Chinese government “Uses its growing economic influence to muzzle critics” according to the NGO. “If other governments commit serious human rights abuses, no other government shows the muscles with so much vigor and determination to undermine international human rights standards and the institutions that could support them”, she judges.

In this sense, HRW denounces the inaction, even the complicity of other countries in the face of this “Existential threat” that does Beijing weigh on human rights in the world. “Several governments that could be counted on for their foreign policy to defend human rights at least part of the time have largely abandoned this cause”, said Kenneth Roth again.

The NGO also denounces the European Union

And to name names: “Some leaders like US President Donald Trump, Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro are bracing the same set of laws protecting human rights as China, galvanizing their public by fighting” globalists “who dare to suggest that all governments should meet the same standards “.

He deplored that the European Union is “Occupied by Brexit, handicapped by nationalist member states and divided over migrants “, And directly criticized French President Emmanuel Macron, guilty in his eyes of “Not having mentioned human rights publicly” during his visit to China in November 2019.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is also accused of not talking about “Human rights only in” generic terms “. He blames the boss of the UN – an enclosure in which Beijing ” does everything “ to avoid a discussion of the situation in Xinjiang – not to have “Publicly called for China to end mass imprisonment of Muslims” in this province.

More generally, HRW accuses governments, companies and universities of preferring to remain silent rather than risk losing access to the huge Chinese market. The NGO therefore calls on democracies to unite to counter Beijing’s anti-human rights efforts, notably by freezing the overseas bank accounts of all those responsible for the crackdown in Xinjiang. It also calls on them to condition any state visit by Chinese leaders to “Real progress in human rights”.



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