Chinese astronauts succeed in first spacewalk

Premiere in China’s space travel: astronauts worked for several hours on a space station in space. They were supported by a robotic arm at the station.

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For the first time, Chinese astronauts have disembarked from their “Tiangong” space station, which is under construction. On Sunday, Chinese state television showed astronauts Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo leaving the station in their spacesuits.

During their several hours of use, equipment should be installed on the outside of the station and tests carried out, Chinese state media reported. For China it was only the second spacewalk ever after a Chinese one in September 2008 Astronaut from the Spaceship “Shenzhou 7” got off. However, the deployment at that time only lasted around 20 minutes.

Space suit weighs 100 kilograms

For outdoor use at the space station, Chinese engineers developed a new space suit weighing around 100 kilograms, which should be more comfortable to wear and enable longer deployment times in space. A 15 meter long robotic arm attached to the station is intended to support the astronauts in their work.

Three astronauts, led by Commander Nie Haisheng, had reached China’s under construction space station two weeks ago. It is the first manned Chinese space mission in five years. During their stay in space, which is planned for three months, the astronauts will carry out work at the station, test important functions and also carry out scientific experiments.

The “Tianhe” core module, which is already in space, is the first part of the future space station, to which two additional modules are to be connected. The “Tiangong” space station (Heavenly Palace) should be completed by the end of 2022.


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