Chinese fly in protective suits – fellow passengers amused


MadridChinese in protective suits on a business trip – “I feel so sorry for them”

The Twitter community smiles at a picture of Chinese air travelers sitting in the cabin in full-body protective suits.

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This picture that Almudena Ariza posted caused lively discussions.

Twitter/ Almudena Ariza

Other users commented on the post with their own pictures, for example here from Phnom Penh...

Other users commented on the post with their own pictures, for example here from Phnom Penh…


… or from Addis Ababa.

… or from Addis Ababa.


That’s what it’s about

  • Two Chinese business travelers are causing a stir in Madrid.

  • They wore protective suits, masks and gloves.

  • The men say that this was prescribed for them by their employer.

“Today I had a longer flight with these gentlemen,” writes Almudena Ariza, a journalist with the Spanish broadcaster Televisión Española RTVE, on her Twitter account for a picture of Chinese travelers who were wearing protective suits, masks with protective screens and protective clothing in the cabin throughout the flight wore gloves. «From Doha to Madrid. They endured laughing, being photographed and curious looks for hours.”

When she asked why she got on the plane in such an uncomfortable outfit, the Chinese said: “Our company has obliged us to travel like this because of the corona virus in Europe.” “Honestly,” she felt sorry for her, the journalist continued.

Understanding is also expressed

Other users commented on the tweet, which was widely shared, with similar pictures, for example from Phnom Penh, Gran Canaria or Addis Ababa. Apparently the practice has been widespread for months. “I’ve also seen Chinese nationals travel this way,” writes one user. “And don’t laugh at them, because if they come back with a simple cold, they’ll be locked up.”

And others pointed out the seriousness of the situation: “Well, I feel sorry for the more than 300 Spaniards who die every week and who are hardly reported anymore.”

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