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Recently, there have been new changes in China’s game policy. NetEase’s “Onmyoji Monster House” issued an announcement today (29), stating that the policy has been adjusted from English to Chinese because it conforms to the game terminology, which has triggered community topics.

according toOfficial latest announcementIt is pointed out that the original character rarity rankings in the game are: SP, SSR, SR, R, N. After the new policy is launched, it will be changed to different (SP), extreme (SSR), excellent (SR), and good (R). ), Pu (N), the rarity ranking of the game is presented in Chinese in an all-round way.

Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 4.03.38 pm

If NetEase is not the only game manufacturer to receive the request for modification, it means that there will be more games in the future that will be modified in accordance with the policy.

The only game known to be safe to play is “Heaven and Earth Tribulation”. The character rarity of the game’s internal design was originally presented in Chinese, and there is no need for additional modification.

The picture shows the detailed information of the characters in “Heaven and Earth”, the rarity is in Chinese

In addition to the English being unplugged, an article was also circulated in the China ForumRelated documentation for Beijing online game content management, There are restrictions on a number of game content, such as not distorting history, obscuring good and evil views, game LOGO or name not to imitate others, the game name is not related to the content, do not copy Baidu Encyclopedia (?)… etc.

However, no official announcements or official documents of government units have been found so far. The above-mentioned documents are for reference only.


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