Chinese in Japan suspected of illegally importing Chinese sausages were arrested and refused to plead guilty!Japanese journalist kicked off the big talk

A Chinese woman living in Osaka was formally arrested by the Japanese police a few days ago on suspicion of selling about 11.5 kilograms of smuggled processed food including Chinese sausages and marinated chicken feet. According to Japanese media reports, the suspect had already been warned 34 times by the local law enforcement agency and still did not restrain himself. The Japanese police denounced his behavior as “highly malicious”. Talk big!

Chinese in Japan suspected of illegally importing Chinese sausages were arrested and refused to plead guilty!Japanese journalist kicked off the big talk

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(Photo source: MBS NEWS)

The Chinese in Japan are suspected of being habitual smugglers!Was warned 34 times and continued to sell

On January 25, Japanese police arrested Guo Yanhong, a 50-year-old Chinese woman who runs a Chinese food store “Xinshengyuan Trading Co., Ltd.” in the central area of ​​Osaka City. Based on Japanese media and Japanese police sources, the suspect imported Chinese sausages, chicken feet and other processed foods from China by international mail three times from October to November last year.

The Japanese police pointed out that since as many as 70 countries and regions including China have experienced African swine fever and bird flu, Japan has used the “Law on the Prevention of Infectious Livestock Diseases” as an example to completely prohibit the import of non-Japanese poultry from other places. Meat and related processed foods to Japan. In addition, since 2018, the suspect has been warned up to 34 times for smuggling, was judged to be highly malicious, and was finally formally arrested a few days ago.

(Picture source: Fuji TV)

Processed food made in China is twice as expensive to resell!

According to reports, the suspect’s mail was found at the Animal Quarantine Station of Kansai International Airport. The Japanese police followed up and launched an arrest operation, revealing that the suspect imported low-priced meat and processed food from China, and then shipped them to Japan to sell at high prices. Take the “halal chicken sausage” produced in China as an example. The purchase price is 150 yen (approximately HK$9) per sausage, and the suspect sells it in Japan for 300 yen (approximately HK$18), which is twice as expensive!

The Japanese police suspect that the suspect has an accomplice in China, and are investigating the details of the incident and the actual situation (such as the frequency of delivery methods, etc.). However, the suspect has been firmly denying the charges after his arrest, and pointed out that the Chinese-made meat and processed food sold in the store were not obtained from smuggling, but were “gifted” by the other party when ordering other items.

There are films to prove it! Japanese reporter kicked the suspect to speak big words?

After the suspect was arrested, the Japanese media “MBS NEWS” published an investigation video and article. Comprehensive content, MBS NEWS reporters visited the store of “Xinshengyuan Trading Co., Ltd.” operated by the suspect on January 20 (5 days before the suspect was arrested), and inquired about the details of the Chinese-made food in the store.

(Photo source: MBS NEWS)

A reporter from MBS NEWS found that many of the products sold in the store, including meat and chicken feet, were not marked with their place of origin. He insisted that a series of foods that did not indicate the place of origin were legitimate imports and not smuggled products.

The reporter then inquired about the supply of relevant sausages. The suspect initially said, “We sell Japanese sausages, but there are also some Chinese sausages.” But when the reporter immediately expressed his desire to see Chinese sausages, the suspect said, “There are no more sausages.” , now only Japanese-made sausages” responded, which is quite different from the fact that the police found Chinese-made sausages in the store.

The maximum fine for bringing foreign-produced meat to Japan is 3 million yen!

According to the Japanese police, when the Japan Customs Animal Quarantine Station inspects passenger luggage and mail, it has found many contraband items brought in from China. The number is as high as 43,004, accounting for about 10% of the total passenger luggage. Japan has revised the “Livestock Infectious Disease Prevention Law” since 2020. Except for some countries, under normal circumstances, it is completely prohibited to import food and processed food from overseas to Japan in the form of individuals, including chicken, beef, pork, eggs, etc. The maximum fine is 3 million yen (about 180,000 Hong Kong dollars).

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