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[Epoch Times News on July 26, 2021](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Li Bing) Today (26th),A crotchThe three major indexes fell collectively.Liquor stocksIndividual stocks fell tragically, among which liquor leading stocksKweichow MoutaiFalling more than 5%, the market value has evaporated by 124.9 billion yuan, and the total market value has shrunk by more than one trillion yuan from the highest point this year.

On the disk, liquor, insurance, cloud games, food and beverage, medicine and healthcare, online education, Hongmeng Concept and other sectors have fallen among the top.

Data shows that the Wind Food and Beverage Index fell 6.42% on the 26th, the Wind Liquor Index fell 7.22%, the Liquor ETF fell 7.46%, and 90% of the constituent stocks of the Liquor Index fell more than 5%.Shuijingfang, Willing to the wine industry’s lower limit,Kweichow MoutaiThe year line fell.

Under today’s general decline,Liquor stocksWhen the market opened lower, not only did individual stocks fall violently, but also liquor-related concept stocks were almost completely wiped out.

China Business News reported that as of the close, 19 stocks in the Shenyin Wanguo liquor industry classification (including Gujing Gong B) all closed down, and 16 stocks fell more than 5% in a single day.

in,Alcoholic WineandShuijingfangLower limit, Shanxi Fenjiu fell 9.8%, Huangtai Liquor fell 8.51%, Shede Liquor fell 8.39%, Jinshiyuan fell 8.12%, Kouzijiao and Wuliangye fell 7.99%.

Kweichow Moutai, a closely watched liquor leading stock, fell 5.24%, and Kweichow Moutai’s market value evaporated by 124.9 billion yuan (RMB, the same below).

According to news from AI Finance and Economics, Kweichow Moutai reported 1,800.53 yuan per share, with a total market value of about 2.26 trillion yuan, compared with the highest point of 2,608.59 yuan per share in February this year. The current total market value has fallen by more than 30%, shrinking by nearly 1,292.89 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that Wuliangye has dropped from its highest point of RMB 353.61 per share in February this year to RMB 249.39 per share today. In more than 5 months, the total market value has fallen below one trillion yuan, reaching 968.1 billion yuan.

In fact, the decline of baijiu did not start today. Since the first half of 2021, baijiu stocks have changed their upward trend and began a full correction.

Data show that year-to-date, among the 19 stocks in the Shenwan liquor industry, only 5 stocks have risen, 14 have fallen, and 9 have fallen by more than 10%. Shunxin Agriculture saw the highest decline, with its stock price falling 54.56% year-to-date; Huangtai Liquor was second, down 25.86%.

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