Chinese men’s team wins rowing World Cup quadruple sculls championship for the first time, team rushes to Paris Olympics

Original title: The Chinese men’s team won the four-person sculls championship in the Rowing World Cup for the first time, and the whole team rushed to the Paris Olympics

According to the China Rowing Association, the first stop of the 2022 Rowing World Cup in Belgrade, Serbia, ended on the 29th local time. The Chinese team won 1 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze. First World Cup champion in this project.

In the men’s four-person double sculls event, the Chinese team was composed of Zang Ha, Yixu Emperor, Liu Zhiyu, and Adirijan Suritan. Among them, Zang Ha and Yixu Emperor both participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games, while Liu Zhiyu was in Tokyo. Bronze medal in double sculls at the Olympics.

The Chinese team finally won the championship with a time of 6:00.52. The Netherlands and Lithuania won the runner-up and third place respectively.

In the live broadcast of the game, the left boat is the Chinese men’s four-person sculls team.The picture comes from the official website of the International League

The women’s quadruple sculls champions Lu Yang and Cui Xiaotong at the Tokyo Olympics also competed in this event at the World Cup, but the other two partners were replaced by Shen Shuangmei and Sun Fengjiao. As a result, they won the runner-up with a time of 6 minutes 29.96 seconds. 0.2 seconds slower than champion Netherlands.

Lu Yang said that although we have made personnel adjustments in this competition, we must have the spirit of fighting for the first place and working hard in every competition.

Cui Xiaotong said: “The new lineup is an attempt. I feel that we are quite satisfactory. The two young athletes have made great progress, and our two old athletes have also played a leading role.”

Tokyo Olympic women’s four-person sculls champion Chen Yunxia participated in the single sculls competition this time, and won the fourth place with a time of 7 minutes 47.07. Her teammate Lu Shiyu won the runner-up with a time of 7 minutes 41.44.

Chinese women’s single sculls player Lu Shiyu.The picture comes from the official website of the International League

In addition, the Chinese team also won a silver medal in the women’s lightweight double sculls event, and both won bronze medals in the men’s and women’s quadruple sculls event, and sent two teams to participate in the women’s 8-a-side sculls and helmsman competition and won them separately. 1st and 3rd place, 3rd place in the men’s 8-man sculls and coxswain competition.

According to the China Rowing Association, after the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese team soon began to prepare for the Paris Olympics. Focus on improving individual ability through diverse training such as physical fitness, energy supply, and high-intensity intervals.

While testing the results of the winter training, this World Cup has also enabled many newcomers. Through adjustments and attempts in boat allocation and reporting, the goal of training the team and finding out the opponents is achieved.

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