Chinese netizens are angry Clip of a group of men attacking a woman at a restaurant. Police arrested 9 people

news agency CNN Reported on Monday, June 13, 2022 that the Tangshan City Police in Hebei Province north of china Nine suspects arrested after a group of men were arrestedhurt womenat least 4 peoplerestaurantOne on Friday morning (June 10) and there are video clips of the CCTV incidents published around the world online.

The footage from the clip shows the overall atmosphere inside a barbecue restaurant around 2:40 a.m. local time. which is still full of people eating in the restaurant Before a man walked into the restaurant by a woman who was dining with friends. Then the man walked back towards the woman. then put your hand on your back as she tried to push him away.

In the clip, there is also a female voice questioning the male suspect. before he slapped her in the face causing a conflict between the two The woman tried to push the man away and tried to hit him with a glass bottle. while friends hers tried to intervene but was attacked by the male counterpart before another group of men entered the store Drag the woman outside and stomp, punch and kick unceasingly.

The brutal video clip sparked outrage across the country. and causing discussion online about the safety and rights of women in the country.China And promptly, the Tangshan City Police issued a statement on the afternoon of the accident that They have identified the suspect and are searching for him. Another police statement said two women had been hospitalized with cardiovascular disease, while two others had minor injuries.

Later on Saturday (June 11), the police released a statement updating the progress of the case. It said nine suspects had been arrested, including seven men and two women, while two women were hospitalized. not life threatening and is still being treated.

AdministrationHebei ProvinceOrdered the investigation to be transferred to Langfang City. which is close totangshan cityThen by CNN stated that Such movements often occur when investigating important or sensitive cases. or when the case involves organized crime gangs that need to avoid giving up local hideouts.

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