Chinese rescuers detect signs of life from trapped miners

In China, rescue teams this Sunday they detected signs of life from a gold mine under construction in the east of the Asian nation where 22 miners were trapped a week ago after an explosion, reported the official news agency Xinhua.

Mine accidents are very common in China.  Photo: AFP

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Mine accidents are very common in China. Photo: AFP

The explosion, which occurred on January 10 in Qixia, in the province of Shandong (It is), seriously damaged the ladder that gave access to the bottom of the mine, as well as the communication cables, leaving the authorities no news from the miners.

Rescuers from China explored the mine this sunday and they heard “knocks”, although “they still need confirmation”, according to the agency Xinhua.

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In fact, a child died, while his mother later died in hospital.  While the operator of the truck is in serious condition and with him there are three other hospitalized.

Local officials from China is planning to download food and phone lines to the mine, owned by local company Shandong Wucailong Investment.

The accidents in mines are very common in China, where this sector suffers from poor security and the regulations necessary to guarantee the safety of workers are rarely observed during the extraction of minerals from these areas.

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