Chinese scientists reveal an amazing surprise about the presence of water on Mars

Chinese scientists announced an “amazing discovery”, as they spotted wet minerals detected by a Chinese robotic rover on Mars in a huge depression believed to be the site of an ancient ocean, indicating that water had been present on the surface of this planet for a longer time than previously thought.

They also explained in a research paper published in the journal “Science Advances” that, according to the analysis of data sent by the Chorong rover spacecraft, indications of the presence of water in mineral samples dating back only 700 million years ago, according to Reuters reported today, Thursday.

The scientists added that the mineral-containing soil found in the samples collected by Chorong had a hard crust that may have formed from rising groundwater or melting ice that has evaporated since then.

The Chorong rover has moved about two kilometers from its landing site and has been collecting data since it reached Mars in May last year.

Many scientists have long believed that Mars had water 3 billion years ago when its second geological age known as the Hesperian period ended, but it disappeared during the current Amazonian period.

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