Chinese Super League-Tang Miao assists Tiago Jiangong Guangzhou City 1-0 Qingdao welcomes 2 consecutive victories_Liu Zhenli

Original title: Chinese Super League-Tang Miao assists Tiago Jiangong Guangzhou City 1-0 Qingdao welcomes 2 consecutive victories

At 18:00 on May 3, Beijing time, the third round of the 2021 Chinese Super League will continue. Qingdao team will face Guangzhou City. In the 80th minute, Tang Miao assisted Tiago who came off the bench to score. In the end, Guangzhou City beat Qingdao 1-0, achieving two consecutive victories and giving the opponent their first defeat of the season.

Two things that didn’t usually happen before the game: the Football Association temporarily adjusted the referees, Gu Chunhan replaced the original referee Zhang Xiaochen to enforce the law, and the latter became the video assistant referee for the Chongqing and Cangzhou match at night; One is that Wu Jingui, the head coach of Qingdao team, did not go to the arena because of sudden physical discomfort. Assistant coach Li Chengming is responsible for on-site command.

In the 5th minute, Guangzhou City got a right corner kick, Guillerme drove the ball to the back point, Jiang Jihong headed for the goal, and the well-positioned Liu Zhenli held the ball firmly. In the 16th minute, R&F left the corner kick into the small penalty area. The tall Liu Zhenli easily picked the ball. Then he tossed the ball to Popovich. The latter made a mistake when he crossed his teammate. Chen Zhizhao intercepted the ball continuously. After a horizontal dribbling, the kicker took a low shot and the ball missed the right post. In the 19th minute, Abdullah made a diagonal pass from the left, and Gao Xiang, who entered the penalty area, was slightly slower to grab the spot, and the ball went straight out of the baseline.

In the 26th minute, Qingdao right defender Zhang Haochen assisted and crossed the penalty area. Radonic continued to step on the bicycle and then kicked up to hit the goal. The Guangzhou City defender blocked the ball. In the 31st minute, when Tang Miao assisted in the penalty area on the right and prepared to smash the ball, Abdullah returned to the defense and made a bigfoot clearance. Svensson got the ball and fired a long-range anti-aircraft gun. National football coach Li Tie and Guangzhou coach Cannavaro, who won yesterday, both came to watch the game. In the 36th minute, Abdullah picked up a pass, and Radoni Chira went to the left to break through a small angle and shot the ball like a pass and shot. The Guangzhou City defender kicked the ball out of the baseline.

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In the 38th minute, Chen Zhizhao divided the penalty area on the right, Tang Miao made a pass, and Ye Chugui, who was in front of the goal, had a header over the crossbar. In the 40th minute, Gao Xiang tackled Chang Feiya when he returned to defense and received a yellow card. Guangzhou City won a “short corner kick”. Chen Zhizhao took the penalty and went straight to the goal. Liu Zhenli took the ball. In the 43rd minute, Wang Wei made a 45° cross from the left. Radonic didn’t get the point. Gao Xiang stopped the ball behind his chest and turned to hit the goal. He hit the defender and bounced out. At the end of halftime, the two sides temporarily handed in a blank paper.

In the 51st minute, after a successful backcourt steal, Ulvista sent a straight pass. Abdullah broke through from the left to the side of the penalty area and crossed. Radonic got the ball and turned back and did it again. Popovich pushed the far corner, and Han Jiaqi held the ball firmly. One minute later, Guillerme took a free kick on the left side of the front court and directly shot the goal 30 meters away from the goal. Liu Zhenli hit the ball with both fists. Qingdao team got the ball and drove to the front court with a big foot. Radonic took advantage of Swenson’s header to clear the ball and went straight up and down. He got the ball in the penalty area and kicked the goal. Huang Zhengyu blocked the ball. Just 61 minutes into the match, Qingdao’s U23 player Zhang Haochen was replaced by Fang Xinfeng, who was also U23, because of cramps.

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In the 70th minute, Jiang Jihong assisted to cross the far goal post diagonally, Ye Chugui staged a “hand of God” attack, Liu Zhenli reacted quickly and kicked the ball out with his leg. The referee Gu Chun whistled for a handball foul against Ye Chugui and showed him a yellow card. In the 73rd minute, Tang Miao swept right in front of the goal. Liu Jian, who was the previous point, did not choose to clear the siege. Instead, he shook the goalkeeper. Fortunately, there was no Guangzhou City player to grab the spot, and the ball went past the goal. One minute later, it was Tang Miao who sent a through pass from the right, Guillerme made a pass from the bottom and Li Peng cleared the ball. In the 76th minute, Guillerme went through the outside of the penalty area on the right side, Tang Miao cut in and shot with his left foot low, Liu Zhenli pounced the ball and let go. Substitute Tiago stabbed the ball from Liu Zhenli’s hand, turned and shot the middle and far post. The referee Gu Chunhan whistled that Tiago had the first foul when he stabbed the ball.

In the 80th minute, Guillerme dribbled the ball from the right to the front court and sent the ball behind him. Liu Jian did not get stuck. Tang Miao moved forward and touched the ball first to pass to the goal. Liu Zhenli fell to the ground and didn’t make a save. He came off the bench. Thiago succeeded in pushing an empty goal and Guangzhou City took the lead 1-0.In the 88th minute, Qingdao’s corner kick did not pose a threat. Zhu Jianrong from the periphery got the ball and then passed it straight into the penalty area. Liu Jian dunked Tang Miao’s strong shot and the ball was saved by Han Jiaqi to the bottom line. In the end, Guangzhou City beat Qingdao 1-0.

(Yang Xixi)

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Qingdao team appearance lineup (451): 22-Liu Zhenli; 21-Wang Wei, 31-Liu Jian, 5-Li Peng, 35-Zhang Haochen (U23) (61’3-Fang Xinfeng (U23)); 30-Abu Dura (77’11-Baali), 16-Lv Peng (87’4-Wang Hao), 6-Ulvesta, 8-Popovich, 7-Gao Xiang; 9-Radonic (77 ’27-Zhu Jianrong);

Substitutes: 18-Zhao Shi, 2-Jiang Weipeng, 3-Fang Xinfeng (U23), 4-Wang Hao, 11-Bali, 13-Yang Likai (U23), 23-Liu Jiashen, 24-Hu Jiali (U23), 27-Zhu Jianrong , 32-Yang Yu, 33-Ji Xiaoxuan, 37-Ye Erfan (U23);

Guangzhou City appearance lineup (343): 22-Han Jiaqi (U23); 5-Hu Ruibao, 36-Huang Zhengyu (89’15-Han Pengfei), 19-Jiang Jihong; 21-Chang Feiya, 10-Li Tixiang, 13-Sven Sen, 20-Tang Miao; 32-Chen Zhizhao (71’9-Tiago), 11-Ye Chugui (90+2’7-Cardona), 12-Guillerme;

Substitutes: 1-Cheng Yuelei, 23-Zhou Yuchen, 4-Zhang Gong, 7-Cardona, 9-Tiago, 14-Zeng Chao, 15-Han Pengfei, 16-Chen Junle, 27-Yang Xiaotian, 28-Wu Chengru (U23 ), 31-Zhang Jinliang (U23), 37-Wen Yongjun (U23).

Yellow card: Qingdao: 40′ Gao Xiang; Guangzhou City: 70′ Ye Chugui. Referee: Gu Chunhan.Return to Sohu to see more


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