Chip manufacturer TSMC wants to build a chip factory in Germany

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

Hsinchu Against the background of the rapidly growing demand for semiconductors, the Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC is considering building a factory in Germany. In addition to Germany, the construction of such a plant in Japan is also being examined, CEO Mark Liu said at the annual general meeting on Monday.

If the considerations are implemented, TSMC strives to share the costs with the customers or the countries. Computer chips are in short supply in many industries, also because the need increased again during the Corona crisis.

It gave the digitalization of the world an additional boost. Last but not least, German car manufacturers have had to pause their production in many cases in recent months due to the shortage. Chip manufacturers are currently investing a lot of money in expanding their capacities.

TSMC is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of chips and wafers, the base plates for electronic semiconductors. The iPhone manufacturer Apple is one of the major customers. But TSMC also supplies chips for televisions and vehicles.

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