Chiquis wears a tight Barbie-style suit and is mistaken for Thalía

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It seems that Chiquis Rivera is unstoppable on social networks, since since he separated from Lorenzo Méndez he has not stopped attracting attention with his new publications, in which her loyal fans do not hesitate to encourage her and highlight her beauty.

And it is that some believe that this distancing was very good for themWell, recently, Jenni Rivera’s daughter uploaded a photograph and a video of her colorful outfit, images that caused a sensation among her fans and that caused the singer to receive several compliments.

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But not only that, well her tight and revealing outfit unleashed the lowest passions of a few, who took advantage of send her risque messages to see her dressed in a dress in the style of a Barbie.

However, there were others who noticed a detail and They even told the member of the Rivera dynasty that she looked like Thalía, something that is not new, but that once again drew attention among the fans, since everything indicates that diet and exercise are doing very good effects on Chiquis.

Chiquis Rivera comments similar to Thalía

Some users did not hesitate to send him all kinds of messages. (Photo: Instagram / Chiquis Rivera)

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As expected, the comments did not take long to emerge and some expressed, “That is an empowered woman”, “At the moment I thought you were Thalía! They look a bit alike “, while others crossed the line a little bit and even told her,” Just beautiful and what a … I mean horse “, one more proof that Janney continues to impress many with her beauty and style.

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