Chivas: Miguel Ponce faces and pushes fan in Tijuana – VIDEO

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Tijuana, Mexico / 02.20.2020 19:23:41


Miguel Ponce warmed up in the arrival of Chivas to Tijuana since he faced a fan he pushed at the airport after the man complained about the bad results and “little commitment”.

When El Pocho left the airport, the Chivas fan told him “sweat the shirt”, which angered the soccer player, who responded with a rudeness and a push, while being supported by the security body of the team.

Guadalajara will play this Friday in Tijuana on Day 7 of the Clausura 2020, tournament in which add five dates without winning since his only victory was in the debut against Juárez. The rest are three draws and two losses in their most recent games against Tigres and Cruz Azul.



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