Chivas vs Leon. Weird gestures of Macías in prison raise doubts VIDEO

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Akron Stadium, Guadalajara / 02.12.2020 23:51:30


Night controversy for Chivas this wednesday at Ida semifinal of the Guard1anes 2020 against Lion, with the Penalty of José Juan Macías as the target of all eyes. In social networks they have shared videos of the transmission with some “curious tics” of the striker before charging against Rodolfo Cota.

There can be many interpretations, as there are those who speak of a “by hand” through eye contact, others report “complicity” of the archer with his friend and several others brand the complainers as “burning without foundation”. Well, up to a supposed arrangement to meet Vicente Fernández it is speculated.

Pictures show Macías gesturing towards the side that charged and the Fiera goalkeeper looking away waiting for the whistle for the execution, which in the end was the 1-1 for Guadalajara with whom the duel concluded at Akron.

Did Cota let himself score a goal?

That’s another question fans have raised, all because they qualify as Rodolfo Cota’s performance “strange”, who has a past in the rojiblanco club and this Wednesday caused the penalty with which the Guadalajara drew.

The tic of JJ Macías in penalties

To settle this controversial “conspiratorial”, a Twitter user with the name @Tongo_mr presented evidence that These gestures by José Juan are common prior to executing penalties and here are the videos.


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