Chocolate cream completely untouched: That’s really in Nutella – guide

Fat and sugar – this is how the well-known nut nougat cream could be summarized. A bit of cocoa and three to four hazelnuts may have passed by.

It should be clear that the chocolate cream at 547 kcal per 100 grams is not necessarily healthy. Refined sugar makes up almost half of the glass. The second largest component is palm oil, which is considered unsuitable for the daily diet with almost 50 percent saturated fatty acids.

In the social networks, a Nutella photo makes the rounds again and again, which shows the spread in its individual components and their realistic proportions. As early as 2015, the Hamburg consumer center drew attention to the high palm oil content in a glass with this picture.

The respective proportions of hazelnuts and cocoa are negligibly small, and Nutella is advertised as “nut and nougat cream” or “chocolate and hazelnut spread”. “Sugar-fat paste” would be more appropriate.

Although the individual ingredients (sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skimmed milk powder) are on the Nutella glasses, you can only find out how much of them are contained in each glass with the proportion of hazelnuts (13%) and skimmed milk powder (7 , 5%).

Photo: Facebook / Consumer Center Hamburg

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Here is the bitter truth of what’s really insidePhoto: Facebook / Consumer Center Hamburg

Ingredients have shocked before

For years a mother smeared the spread on her son’s breakfast sandwich until she found out how much sugar and fat it contained. It took Ferrero USA to court for “misleading advertising” as Nutella was advertised as “healthy and nutritious”. And she was right!

How much sugar is actually in Nutella?  - infographic

In Germany, Nutella advertised for years with the German national team – a smart move to bring the fat grease close to sport and fitness. However, this is exactly what ensured that the spots were discontinued in 2012 on the recommendation of the consumer organization Foodwatch. Because Nutella really can’t make you so fit with these ingredients …


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