Chofis is injured in a street fight with former American soccer player

Javier Lopez still giving something to talk about, but pure bad news.

The prominence that he does not have on the field, if he has it in extra-field issues and he lives scandal after scandal, instead of being more busy getting equipment to continue his stagnant career.

Yesterday the ‘Chofis’ attended a friend’s party near a well-known university in Guadalajara, where she got into trouble with José María Cárdenas, who came out better off the terrible incident.

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López had no chance to enjoy the party, since as soon as he arrived, he was beaten by Cárdenas, who settled old accounts with ‘Chofis’ for a love issue. Those who saw the lawsuit say that ‘Chema’ took all the courage he had saved and left López in poor condition.

Those who were close to the action, assure that ‘Chofis’ was left with an open forehead as when the ‘Dog’ Aguayo fought and surely, he will disappear for a long time from social networks as he heals. Cárdenas felt betrayed by his then friend Javier, since the rojiblanco has an affair with the former ‘Chema’.


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