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Choi Ji-woo is 9 years younger than her husband.

Photo = Choi Ji-woo’s Instagram

Actor Choi Ji-woo boasted of his youthful charm.

Choi Ji-woo posted three photos on his Instagram on the 6th along with the sentence “Open on December 16th #Siggor’s style”.

Photo = Choi Ji-woo's Instagram

Photo = Choi Ji-woo’s Instagram

In the photo, Choi Ji-woo is staring at the camera with a bright smile. Born in 1975, he boasts bright skin and attracts attention. In addition, they showed cuteness by showing a pretzel mukbang.

Meanwhile, Choi Ji-woo married a non-celebrity who is 9 years younger than her in 2018 and has a daughter together. Currently, he is appearing on JTBC’s ‘Siggor Gyeongsik’.

By Kang Min-kyung, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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